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The 2015 Show Season is here and going fast.  We have a great halter string and the young horses are coming on strong.  We are hitching six, and enjoying every minute.   Check back to see how we did and where we are headed next. 
Hope to see you there.

Tracy & Amy winning
the Mindy Griffin Memorial Cart Class
Illinois State Fair 

                                     2015 Show Schedule
                July 17            Crescent City, IL         Iroquois County Fair
          Aug 4-9 Milwaukee, WI          Wisconsin State Fair
                August 14-19  Springfield, IL           Illinois State Fair
                Aug 30   Princeton, IL            Bureau Co Fair
Sept 28-Oct3 London, ON CA World Clydesdale Show

 *Shows may be added or changed as dates are released

2015 Show Results

2015Iroquois County Fair - Crescent City, IL
All Breed Show
Any Age Stallion - 2nd - Double Shoe's Final Trick
Aged Mare -
Alamar Emma Lou
Yearling Mare -   Double Shoe's Time of Patience
2015 Foal -  Double Shoe's Final Trick
Mare and Foal - Raine and Patti
Produce of Dam - Patti and Finn
Get of Sire - Patti and Finn
Stallion and 2 Mares

2015 Wisconsin State Fair  - Milwaukee, WI
 National Clydesdale Show

Aged Brood Mare -
4th- Cedarlane Raine
Aged Yeld Mare - 7th - Alamar Emma Lou
Yearling Mare - 4th - Double Shoe's Time of Patience
      2015  Stud Foal - 4th- Double Shoe's Final Trick
Mare and Foal - 2nd - Raine and Final Trick
Produce of Dam - 4th - Patience and Final Trick
Stallion and 3 Mares - 2nd - Final Trick, Raine, Emma Lou and Patience
Team of Mares - 7th
Mare Unicorn - 7th
Mare Four - 8th
Mare Six - 7th
Elite Four - Mares and Geldings - 9th
Elite Six - Mares and Geldings - 9th

2015 Illinois State Fair - Springfield, IL
Halter - Clydesdales Only, Hitch - All Breed

3 and Over  Stallion - 1st - Flashy Argyll of Double Shoe
Senior Champion - Flashy Argyll of Double Shoe
Weanling Stallion Foal - 2nd Double Shoe's Final Trick
Lol Junior CHampion Stallion - Double Shoe's Final Trick
LoL Grand CHampion Stallion - Double Shoe's Final Trick
Aged Year Wet Mare-
2nd - Cedarlane Raine                                
  Aged Dry Mare - 6th -  Alamar Emma Lou 
LoL Dry Mare 2nd - Alamar Emma Lou
5th - Glencoe Sweet Makayla
Reserve Sr Champion - Alamar Emma Lou
3 year old Mares 3rd - Alamar Malia
LoL 3 year old Mare 1st - Alamar Malia

Yearling Mares - 3rd - Double Shoe Time of Patience
5th - Double Shoe Select Hat Trick
LoL Yearling Mares 1st - Double Shoe Time of Patience
2nd - Double Shoe Select Hat Trick
oL Junior Champion Mare - Double Shoe Time of Patience
LoL Reserve Grand Champion - Alamar Emma Lou
Mare & Foal - 1st - Cedarlane Raine and Final Trick
3 Mares Owned by 1 Exhibitor - 4th
Produce of Dam - 3rd - Maddie and Pattie
LoL Produce - 1st
Get of Sire - 2nd - (California Canyon Merlin)
LoL Get of Sire - 1st
Stallion & 3 Mares - 3rd
Sr Showmanship - 14-18 - 2nd Lena Lensmith
Western Riding - 1st - Cheyanne Huff
English Riding - Dr. Kate Luthin
Jr Team - 10-13 - 3rd - Tara Taft
Sr Team 14-18 - 5th - Lena Lensmith
Jr Cart - 10-13 - 6th - Tara Taft 
Sr Cart - 14-18 - 6th - Lena Lensmith
Mens Cart - 5th - Ken Craft
Illinois Owned Team - Mares or Geldings - 5th
Mare Team - 6th
Four Mares Hitch - 10th
Mare Six Horse Hitch - 9th

2014 DuQuoin State Fair - DuQuoin, IL
 All Breed Show
Stallion Any Age - 1st - Flashy Argyll of Double Shoe 
Yearling and 2014 Foal 2nd - Double Shoe's Time of Patience
4th - Double Shoe's Select Hat Trick
2 Year Olds 2nd - Lads Madison of Double Shoe 
 Aged Wet Mare - 2nd - Cedarlane Raine
Mare and Foal - 2nd- Cedarlane Raine and Patience
Open Team - 2nd
Unicorn - 1st
Four - 1st
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