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    Double Shoe Farm was created when two long time Draft Horse exhibitors came together and were married July 7, 2006.  Tracy Winch, daughter of Jim and Sharon Winch, was raised showing Clydesdales (Lynnview Clydesdales) in Springfield, IL.  Her family was very active in the Draft Horse Business.  She became the Illinois Draft Horse and Mule Association Queen and then moved on to become the National Clydesdale Queen.  Their days of showing ended in the mid 90's but the breeding and farming business continued.  
    Mike Taft was immersed in the Draft Horse industry with his grandfather being a Percheron breeder and his uncle continued that tradition, but Mike's father Kenneth "Cap" didn't want to compete with family, so he chose the Clydesdale breed.  Mike being the horseman that he is, became a professional Arabian and Morgan trainer.

    Moving ahead several years, Mike's dad became very sick and the family, KGM Kaplyn Clydesdales, had one more horse to sell.  It was Mike's fathers prize stallion, Kaplyn Prince's Shadow (see the stallion page).  Mike talked Tracy, after 2 years of trying, into buying this special horse, and as they say the rest is history.  Tracy still laughs and says, "Mike only married me to get the horse back".

    Double Shoe farm is the union of two long time Clydesdale Breeder families.  Mike and Tracy now have two girls and many more horses.  They have been showing in halter for several years and are currently breaking into the hitch scene.  Of course without family and good friends this reintroduction would be much more difficult.  Special Thanks to the Wismer family, Steve and Beth Gregg, Ed and Melinda Stage, Arlene Cline and of course the Winch and Taft families.  Without their advice and support, this would never be happening.

Mike, Shadow, and Tracy

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